Be energy efficient this winter!

Be energy efficient this winter!

The nights are drawing in and with a distinctly autumnal chill in the air, your summer holiday seems like a distant memory.

Most of us are already turning on the heating. But before you do, we have some top tips from our experts at HRH Solutions to ensure you’re energy efficient this winter.

Our quick guide will set you up for the cold season and help you save money – so you can start saving for your next sunshine break!


  • Find your perfect temperature. Room thermostats should be set at the lowest comfortable temperature; between 18 and 21 degrees is ideal.


  • Have a little patience. You don’t need to turn your thermostat up when it’s colder outside; it just takes a little longer for your home to heat up to the set temperature.


  • Get with the programme. A programmable room thermostat combines time and temperature, allowing you to adjust the heat for different times of the day.  As an added bonus, programming means your boiler isn’t required to keep firing up. Much more efficient.


  • Try TRV. By fitting thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs), you can set different temperatures in individual rooms. A lower setting uses less energy and will save you money.


  • Down with radiator covers! They may look pretty but they’re doing your energy bills no favours. TRVs sense the air temperature around them; if they are enclosed the TRV will think it is warmer than it is. They also prevent radiators from radiating!


  • Get in the zone. By adding an additional heating zone to your central heating system, you can save money by not having to heat your whole house. Heat your downstairs until bedtime then upstairs while you’re in bed until you get up in the morning.


  • Keep control. Cylinder Thermostats are ideal if your hot water is stored in a cylinder, preventing it from becoming hotter than it needs to.


  • Use smart systems. A boiler interlock is not a control but a system of wiring that turns the boiler off when neither heat nor hot water is required. Without this, the boiler will continue to cycle and waste energy.


  • Perfect timing. Programmers and time switches are used to turn your boiler off when you don’t need it. Set the times to suit your lifestyle.  Optimum stat programmers work by sensing the temperature outside and bringing your heating on earlier so your house is at the required temperature at the correct time.


  • Jacket required. Make sure you have an energy efficient cylinder jacket on your hot water cylinder. You may find that your hot water supply in the morning stays hot enough to use in the evenings. We recommend 60mm jacket thickness.


  • Keep it clean. Central heating system cleaning chemicals are a great way to keep things clean and running efficiently. 


  • Secondary heating. This is an ideal way to heat just one area of your house. Electric fires, storage heaters and wood burners or stoves are all excellent alternatives.


  • Get your heating serviced. Ask a Gas Safe Registered Engineer to regularly service your boiler, keeping it running efficiently and keeping you safe from hazards such as carbon monoxide leaks. They will be able to update old heating controls too.