Danfoss 013G6006 RAS-C2 Radiator Valve Pack with 8/10mm Fittings

£19.95 inc. VAT (£16.63 ex.VAT)

  • 1 x Thermostatic Radiator Valve & 1 x Matching Lockshield Valve.
  • Includes 8mm & 10mm Fittings.
  • Can Be Mounted Either Vertically or Horizontally.

Product Description

Danfoss 013G6006 RAS-C2 Radiator Valve Pack With 8/10mm Fittings

Danfoss 013G6006 radiator valve pack includes RAS-C2 sensor, RA-FS 8/10 mm bi-directional angle valve and matching lockshield valve.
The stylish RAS-C2 sensor is packaged together with the innovative flow selectable RA-FS bi-directional valve body which can be mounted either vertically or horizontally in flow or return and a matching lockshield valve.
If water hammer is experienced a patented flow selection device within the valve can be turned to reverse the water direction inside the valve without the need to drain down the system.
A quick and easy solution to an otherwise expensive problem.
Further technical data and documents can be found on the Danfoss Official website.

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