Drayton TRV4 Chrome straight valve pack

Drayton TRV4 Chrome Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pack Straight 15mm

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Drayton TRV4 All Chrome Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pack Straight 15mm

  • Reverse flow
  • Non-stick internals
  • 15mm angle
  • Accurate liquid sensor
  • ‘A’ rating for efficiency
  • Royal Mail track and trace
  • Free delivery -Delivery usually within 2-3 working days

Product Description

Drayton TRV4 Chrome Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pack Straight 15mm

The Drayton TRV4 Chrome is perfect for bathrooms as its smooth wipe clean finish blends in with any towel rail. The TRV4 fine tunes each rooms radiator allowing energy efficiency to improve. The European valve manufactures association have rated the Drayton TRV4 ‘A’ for efficiency, making it one of the most efficient TRVs available. Liquid fill provides optimum sensitivity for fast reaction to temperature changes, ensuring that heating requirements are adjusted accordingly to the circumstances.
The Drayton TRV4 range of thermostatic radiator valves meet with the new European standards EN215 and are manufactured in factories assessed and certified to BS EN ISO 9001.

The Drayton TRV4 Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pack Chrome Straight 15mm includes matching chrome lockshield to suit most domestic and commercial heating systems. The Drayton TRV4 is also available as an angled pack in White & Chrome.

Features include:

  • Reverse flow valve
  • Non-stick internals
  • Accurate liquid sensor
  • Contemporary slim-line design
  •  Easy to clean smooth surfaces
  •  Half/full click stop settings
  •  Frost protection position

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