Drayton TRV4 Radiator Valve White pack
Drayton trv4 white

Drayton TRV4 15mm Thermostatic Radiator Valve Pack White

£24.95 inc. VAT (£20.79 ex.VAT)

  • 15mm Angled Thermostatic Radiator Valve & Lockshield.
  • New neutral white finish.
  • ‘A’ rated for efficiency.
  • Frost protection as standard.

Product Description

Drayton TRV4 15mm Thermostatic Radiator ValveĀ Pack White

The Drayton TRV4 Thermostatic Radiator Valve has been rated ‘A’ for efficiency by the European Valve Manufacturers Association which makes it one of the most energy efficient thermostatic radiator valves on the market. Installing these valves can help to make your central heating system operate in a more efficient way, saving energy and reducing bills. It also includes a frost protection setting.

The TRV4 is one of the most popular central heating radiator valves in the UK. This is partly due to the handsome looks, it’s the heart-throb of the radiator valve world! We also offer alternative modern styled radiator valves and a range of Drayton Radiator Valves alongside the Drayton TRV4 White. For further information try www.draytoncontrols.co.uk

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