Mars Electro White Electric Radiator

Mars Electro White Electric Radiator

£227.76£368.95 inc. VAT (£189.80 ex.VAT)

  • Electric Vertical Radiator.
  • Can be Connected to Any Plug Socket.
  • Thermostats & Timer can be linked up with ease.
  • 10 Year Guarantee (2 Years on heating element).
  • Available in White Only.
  • Made to order, 5 weeks delivery.
Size (Height x Width)

900mm x 295mm, 900mm x 370mm, 900mm x 445mm, 900mm x 520mm, 900mm x 595mm, 1200mm x 295mm, 1200mm x 445mm, 1200mm x 595mm, 1500mm x 295mm, 1500mm x 445mm, 1500mm x 595mm, 1800mm x 295mm, 1800mm x 370mm, 1800mm x 445mm, 1800mm x 520mm, 1800mm x 595mm

Product Description

Mars Electro Electric Radiator

This fantastic looking vertical┬ádesigner electric radiator will warm up any room with a great look. The white vertical┬ádesigner radiator adds something special to your home’s design! The clean lines of the flat panel radiator design sits comfortably with almost any modern style furniture just 71mm from the wall (to front face).
In addition to this the electric element on this radiator provides heat on demand just by being connected to any plug socket or dedicated circuit. This can then be used in conjunction with a thermostat and timer for easy control of the electric powered radiator. Furthermore Mars Electro Electric Radiator’s have a 10 year guarantee on the actual radiator and a 2 year guarantee on the heating element.

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Radiator Size (H x W)Heating Element Size
900mm x 295mm300
900mm x 370mm300
900mm x 445mm300
900mm x 520mm300
900mm x 595mm600
1200mm x 295mm300
1200mm x 445mm600
1200mm x 595mm600
1500mm x 295mm300
1500mm x 445mm600
1500mm x 595mm600
1800mm x 295mm600
1800mm x 370mm600
1800mm x 445mm900
1800mm x 520mm900
1800mm x 595mm1200


Finish White
Orientation Vertical
Radiator Fuel Type Electric
Includes Fixtures fittings
Warranty 10 years on the radiator.

2 years on the heating element.

Delivery Time 2-3 Working days
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