Don’t cover it, get a radiator you’re proud of!

While talking to a friend at the weekend, they started telling me about how they were going to buy a radiator cover to hide the old radiator in their lounge. I started to open my mouth, and then my wife stopped me and apologised to the friend. Radiator covers are a pet hate of mine! For the price of a lovely new radiator that compliments your lounge (and most importantly, heats your room), you could buy some unpainted MDF radiator cover with some fiddly cut outs for you to drip paint down. Then you take that wooden structure and use it to stop the heat radiating from your radiator! They’re called ‘radiators’ for a reason, and most standard, old, ugly radiators also have convectors built on to them.

Oh, convection! Those fins at the back of the radiator help to channel warm air up and around the room. So lets cover them up and then complain about how the room isn’t getting very warm. Or, and this is a crazy idea, you could buy a nice new radiator that you don’t feel the need to hide behind wooden covers and push the sofa in front of.

The vertical radiator is a great option instead of a radiator cover!

The vertical radiator is a great option instead of a radiator cover!

Now, I know that this is a biased view. I’ve been selling radiators for over 25 years and in that time the industry has moved from offering just bulky white lumps of steel to ranges of radiators in a wide range of colours. Modern radiators that go up  the wall, mirror radiators that are a feature in themselves and column radiators for traditional looks. White radiators, anthracite, silver, black, chrome and even raw metal radiators. You can spend as much as you like, change one radiator in your favourite room or go through the house them all at one time. We even have the matching radiator valves and sleeve kits for a fantastic finish.

There is just no excuse for sticking a wooden radiator cover over the main heat source for your room! And don’t moan near me if you do and you’re cold!